Sony E3 Predictions

So just as with the big Microsoft predictions post yesterday, I was hoping to regale the world with my opinions about what is to come yet again.

Sony is in a different place than Microsoft right now. Riding high on a level of success they haven’t seen since Playstation 2, Sony is on top of the video game world. Cresting 53 million PS4’s sold all the way back in January, and selling them twice as fast as Microsoft’s Xbox One.

However, this is most certainly not the time for Sony to rest on its laurels. Home console sales, will still extremely strong, are trending down a bit from the last two years, and Microsoft is planning for a massive Project Scorpio reveal event in the hopes of ending this generation early, not to mention that the Nintendo Switch is selling far, far faster and generating more buzz than anyone thought possible. Sony will need to put on a fantastic show as always to take back consumer mindshare, or they risk losing it for the very first time since 2012.

Unlike Microsoft in past years however, Sony’s Playstation brand has always seemed to understand that they best way to have a memorable Electronic Entertainment Expo conference is to double down on that “Electronic Entertainment” part. Sony always does a nice job of putting the games from and center, and hopefully, for their sake, this year is no different.

While I do not think we will see any kind of hardware announcements (the people who think Sony’s going to announce a PS5 to compete with Scorpio are nuts), I do think we could see a $50 dollar or so price drop on the PS4 Pro to $350, to further shine a light on how overwhelmingly expensive Microsoft’s DARPA-level machine will be have to be. The biggest question for hardware will actually be in how much Sony wants to talk about Playstation VR. Virtual Reality is in a weird position right now. The talk of the town last year, but now that the general public can purchase one (if you can find it) it seems the high price point and lack of major games is keeping people away. A big renewed focus on PSVR with a laundry list of new games could reinvigorate people to go out and spent $400 on a headset.

On the games side I believe that with Activision’s special deal with Playstation we could see not only a huge Destiny 2 presence at Sony’s show, but Call of Duty: WWII as well. These will arguably be ┬áthe biggest games of the fall, outside of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and it will be interesting to see whether or not they both pop up to speak to world about Playstation’s brilliance. If they do, it is a huge get for Sony.

In terms of 1st party software, Sony will most likely announce a number of release dates and perhaps give a look in at some of the upcoming games from the myriad Sony Worldwide Studios. Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy will certainly be there, as well as Sony Bend’s Days Gone, the zombie (but not really zombies) apocalypse game.