Spring 2015 Preview


Like a phoenix, rising from the ashes…

2014 was, all things considered, a generally disappointing year for the video game industry. Between the long delays, and numerous high profile launch failures, not to mention the over-zealous marketing hype leading to general public disappointment, 2014 had some serious problems that could have significant ramifications on the games industry going forward. However, that’s not to say 2014 was a total failure. There were a number of great games that still came out and still deserve your time and money. Games like, Wolfenstein: The New Order (The JPB’s Game of the Year 2014), Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bayonetta 2, and Transistor.

So why does 2014 matter when we are discussing 2015? Well, because 2015 looks to be as big a rebound as the industry ever could hope to have. The numerous high profile delays that so hurt 2014 now all funnel into 2015, giving us a lineup of content that could rival the high water mark of certain years past in the industry; years like 2007, and 2013. 2015 also looks to be the year when next-gen finally, truly, gets cemented as the current console generation. The spring release season is where that all starts.

While the spring release lineup has always been generally strong, it has undoubtedly played second fiddle to the holiday season, both in dollars spent and games released. However, that reality is slowly starting to come to an end, and the February through May-ish timeslot is getting a whole lot more appealing, and less of a risk for publishers, every year. Of course, March will never be as popular, or profitable, a time to release a game as October or November, but having two distinct and content rich seasons for video games every year is a plus for everyone. So without further ado let’s see what the interactive entertainment gods have deemed us worthy to receive over the next few months!






Hey would ya’ look at the time! It’s almost the end of January already, and the beginning of the spring season is imminent. We can all start to begin the healing process from 2014, and focus on a new year of content! But before we all move on into February, from the usual wasteland that is the January game release schedule, there is one major release we have to talk about.


January 27th:


Dying Light – PS4, XBO, PC


Remember that game Dead Island that came out a few years ago? With it’s award-winning trailer and fresh take on zombie games? Do you also remember its less than stellar, cash-grab of a sequel Dead Island: Riptide? Yeah? So does developer Techland. In fact, after the success of the first game, Techland had strong reservations about the milking the series was going to get from publisher Deep Silver. Regardless of the developer’s apprehension about a quick-turn-around sequel’s quality, Deep Silver went ahead a green lit a second game, and within a year and a half Dead Island: Riptide was on store shelves and under fire from critics for generally being a bland copy of the first game. Fearing Deep Silver would not learn from the mistakes of Riptide, Techland left the publisher, and their Dead Island franchise, to strike off on their own and create a game that would more suitably honor Dead Island 1’s legacy. That’s where we are now, with Dying Light, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, as Techland’s first game out of the Dead Island bubble.

Continuing with what they do best, Techland’s Dying Light is a first-person zombie action survival/horror game. What makes Dying Light different from its spiritual cousin, Dead Island, however, is the game’s heavy focus on parkour elements. As the main character you will be scampering up, over, and around buildings as you fight your way through, or try to avoid, the zombie hoards that roam the game’s open-world. Early impressions of the game have been generally positive, and, at least to my eyes, it seems we will be finally getting that true sequel to Dead Island that we all originally wanted, that is if the game can free itself from the endless fetch quests that would seem to very likely plague a game such as this. Only time will tell if January’s first big game is the first hit of 2015, or the first dud…







February usually marks the end of the traditional post-holiday drought, and the beginning of the new video game year on most industry calendars. While the lineup, and the quality of games released in the February’s of years past has varied, the month’s importance as the start of all things has not. And February 2015 is shaping up to be a very important February indeed. While the spring will never match the fall in terms of sheer number of releases, February features five major releases, including a new take on competitive multiplayer, and a couple of important exclusive games.


February 10th:


Evolve – PS4, XBO, PC


I have a hard time believing you’ll ever find gamer worth their salt who says that Left 4 Dead wasn’t a hugely popular, and hugely important shooter, not only for the world famous publisher, Valve, but the games industry in general, and developer Turtle Rock Studios. That’s why so many people were surprised when, after being acquired by their long time publisher Valve, Turtle Rock Studios was shut down in late 2008. But all was not lost, the studio was reformed in 2010 by a group who left Valve to work on their own content. In 2011, it was announced that now defunct publisher THQ was going to publish the Left 4 Dead guys’ next AAA game. Unfortunately, before the game was finalized, or even specifically announced for that matter, THQ’s doors were closed and its IPs and studios sold off. In that auction process the Bioshock and Borderlands publisher 2K Games gave Turtle Rock’s struggling, but promising, game a home. In February of 2014, Evolve was officially announced with a Gameinformer cover article, and Turtle Rock’s co-op multiplayer shooter was finally public knowledge after years of development questions.

Evolve features a relatively unique idea for cooperative multiplayer. The game features five players per session, with four players playing as “Hunters” working together to hunt down and kill the fifth player: a huge and ever evolving monster. The hunters have to rely heavily on teamwork and coordination to defeat the monster before it can kill them all first. It certainly is an interesting concept for a new breed of asymmetrical multiplayer games, and the public pre-release impressions of the game are generally good, but there are some caveats and issues some people have brought up. First and foremost is the heavy reliance on teamwork. Xbox Live, the Playstation Network, and even the PC scene all have problems with the actions and temperament of their online communities. People are, in general, unhelpful and angry when playing online games. Basing so much of the game’s fun around playing with others can be problematic when someone is forced to play with strangers because they can’t get their friends to play with them. Additionally discussed were some important balance issues regarding the apparent total weakness of the monsters against the human hunters, and the game’s general lack of consistent replayablity due to a limited number of monsters, characters, and maps. All that isn’t to say the game will be disappointing or bad in anyway, but for the consumer to be wary, especially after the failures of huge games last year. Regardless, Evolve is a game I’m interested in, if for nothing more than it’s a big risk, and has the chance to change the face of the multiplayer FPS world, and for that it has my attention.



February 13th:


The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D – 3DS


Back in 2011, Nintendo released a remastered version of one of the greatest games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, on it’s then struggling 3DS handheld. For a lot of people, including myself, it was a symbol of the turnaround of that system through great games, and great offers. While the 3DS remastered version of such an important game may have been originally conceived as a show piece and tech demo for Nintendo’s handheld, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D very quickly became regarded as a brilliant remake, and the best game on the 3DS system up until that point. Ocarina of Time 3D was hugely successful, and because of it’s success and a strong campaign from fans, Nintendo has decided to remake another favorite game in the nearly 30 year old franchise; The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Majora’s Mask is a bit of an odd duck in the franchise, utilizing new mechanics and changing how Zelda games were traditionally played. This quickly made it a cult hit for many fans in the series, while also drawing the ire of others. But despite the claims of a few fans, Majora’s Mask is still seen as one of the premier games on the Nintendo 64 console. The 3DS remake looks to recapture that revolutionary spirit of the original 2000 release, with the added bonus of newly remade visuals on more powerful hardware, and some altered elements to make the game more playable and fun. The game looks to be another winner for the 3DS system which has steadily grown into the arguably most important part of Nintendo’s business right now. Releasing a top tier remake of a beloved game, with the same level of Nintendo’s famous quality control, will certainly keep the 3DS win streak alive that much longer.




February 17th:


Total War: Attila – PC


The Total War franchise is by far and away my favorite on PC, and I truly believe one could make the argument that it is the greatest strategy series ever released on PC. While it is certainly true that the overall quality of games in the series has fluctuated over the years, it has never lost the aspect of fun, in my mind, that makes the series so addicting. Total War, at its best, as been an example of grand strategy at it’s finest, and at worst a hundred hour time sink, that you’ll complain about but still play. Taking control of a great nation during a tumultuous period of time and building an army to conquer the world is always intoxicating, and while the games might be lacking the depth of the Civilization series, the real time battles in which you lead your grand armies into the fray make the Total War series an endless source of interesting and fun entertainment, even if the AI is lacking in some areas.

The game places itself in 395 C.E., at the birth of the European Dark Ages as the Western Roman Empire was beginning to collapse under the weight of corruption, famine, and the brutality of the Franco-Germanic tribes spilling into Northern Italy. Thus, setting the stage for one of the great conquerors of the world to arise in the East; Attila the Hun. Total War: Attila finds the player choosing between playing as the Hun himself, or taking charge of a variety of European nations, including both hemispheres of the Roman Empire, in an effort to stave off the advance of the warrior king’s million-horseman army. Every time a new Total War game is announced I get excited. I have spent dozens of hours on each entry of the series since Medieval: Total War 2 back in 2006. Total War: Attila will be the ninth entry in the franchise, and the first game since 2013’s poorly named Total War: Rome 2. Regardless of the linguistic flow of the series’ titles, the games usually shine through, and I’m cautiously excited to play a new entry in the franchise. But if the major launch problems that so hurt Total War: Rome 2 resurface in this new entry in the series, it could spell trouble for a franchise already teetering on the good will of its fans.



February 20th:


The Order: 1886 – PS4


Sony’s riding high right now. The Playstation 4 is the fastest selling home video game console of all time, passing the ludicrous 19 million sold mark this January. Despite the price cuts to the Xbox One, their main competition, the PS4 is still selling high, and making money for the ailing company seemingly hand over fist. But something’s missing, and as any PS4 owner can tell you,  its system exclusive AAA games. Sony’s Fall 2014 lineup was dismal at best, featuring only the buggy, unplayable mess that was Driveclub. That wasn’t the way it was supposed to go for the company during a holiday season in which they finally started to lose a bit of ground to a resurgent Microsoft. No, Driveclub was supposed to be a “1” in a “1-2” punch of exclusive games that could counterbalance Microsoft’s heavy hitting lineup of Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. So while Sony threw out a jab, the hook never came, and the company was left with a disappointing slate of exclusive offerings for it’s fans. The hook, the haymaker, for Sony that was going to go toe-to-toe with Halo was a game called The Order: 1886, from a formerly Playstation Portable exclusive developer, Ready At Dawn Studios.

The Order: 1886 is a brand new and interesting IP from Sony. First unveiled at the Sony E3 conference all the way back in June of 2013. The game was originally given a Holiday 2014 release date, but was forced to delay its release until February of this year due to quality control issues. The game is a 3rd person shooter set in an alternate historical timeline of an 1886 London wherein, a group of humans known as The Knights have been battling against a race of half-human half-animal hybrids for centuries. By utilizing a mysterious liquid known as Black Water that allows these Knights to supernaturally heal their injuries and extend their lives by decades, and the might of the Industrial Revolution the Order of Knights is once again able to take the fight to the half-breeds. The Order is a very important game for Sony, and for the PS4. The company needs to start 2015 off with a bang, not only to keep the stellar sales of the PS4 from being anything less, but to reassure worried PS4 owners that the disappointing Fall 2014 season was a fluke and not the norm. I feel The Order has the capabilities to accomplish exactly that. Despite the console virgin nature of its developer, the game features an astoundingly beautiful retro-futuristic Victorian England as its setting, and from what reviewers and critics who’ve had hands on time with the game recently say, the game plays and feels solid. If there is one thing to take away from February, it’s the importance of The Order: 1886 to Sony’s plans, not only in 2015, but beyond. They absolutely need to get this one right, and I truly hope they do.




February 24th:


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – PS4, PS3, XBO, X360, PSVita, PC


Oh Capcom! What hast thou wrought? Rewind the clock back nine years and there were few publishers in the industry in a better spot than Capcom. Supported by mega franchises like Resident Evil and Street Fighter, the company dove head first into the creation of new IP for the then, next generation of consoles with the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Games like Dead Rising and Lost Planet hit big and created franchises, and the Japanese publisher had the capital and the creative force to stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Electronic Arts, the big bad at the time. But in the years since something has gone very wrong in the practices, policies, and output of arguably the biggest, and most influential publisher (not named Nintendo) in Japan today. It seems as though Capcom got complacent after it’s huge start to the seventh generation of consoles, and decided that instead of innovating, or producing new IP, they would ride out the franchises they already had or had just created (a notable exception of course being Dragon’s Dogma). Additionally problematic for the company was a brain drain of talent that saw Capcom lose both Shinji Mikami, known as the “father of survival horror games” and the creator of Resident Evil, as well as Kenji Inafune, creator of Mega Man and one of the most well known developers in the world. But what really shocked the company, and set alarm bells blaring was the abject failure of Resident Evil 6 in 2012, a massive game in the company’s signature franchise. A combination of milking important franchises for generic games, hideous DLC and copyright policies, and not listening to the wants and needs of its hardcore fans has put Capcom in it’s current place. A sinking ship, without even enough money create new content. Things were/are still desperate, but a 3DS game called Resident Evil: Revelations might have sparked some renewed interest the company’s most important franchise.

Resident Evil needed to return to it’s horror roots after the Michael Bay-esque Resident Evil 6. It was just a strange choice, to many people, to do it on a portable handheld. Regardless, 2012’s Revelations did very well on the 3DS, and was received warmly by critics, so much so that the game was ported to console hardware in early 2013. Now February 2015 sees the release of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, the tenth entry in the RE franchise, and Capcom’s first major launch of the new year. However, the game is a bit unique in that it will be releasing in an episodic format throughout February and March, with a final full release once all the episodes are out, and it’s doing so on nearly every platform available today except the 3DS. Whether this is a viable strategy for the game, and the company is yet to be seen. Additionally strange is the fact that Revelations 2 has nothing to do, story wise, with the game to which it owes it name. This is certainly going to be an interesting moment for gaming this year, as a success could help Capcom regain some footing and gather a bit of momentum up into it’s big Street Fighter V release (a similarly strange duck), and another news worthy failure could put the whole company just a nail or two away from being six feet under.






2015 is a bit different it seems than years past. March has usually been the big dog on the spring season block, but February takes the crown this year. However, do not fret! March’s release schedule is nothing to scoff at, with a couple of high profile releases including one major delayed game , and another hugely important exclusive for Sony’s Playstation 4.


March 17th:


Battlefield: Hardline – PS4, PS3, XBO, X360, PC


There are few FPS fans who forget the rocky launch of Electronic Art’s flagship title of 2013, Battlefield 4. Server-side connection drops, netcode issues, and balance problems plagued the game for months after release, going deep into 2014. In some cases the game’s numerous failings made it almost impossible to play, either because of the poor quality of the experience or because the game was just physically unplayable. In many ways Battlefield 4‘s terrible launch paved the way for problematic game launches to be the defining characteristic of 2014. Despite the poor state of their biggest game as late as the summer of 2014, more than seven months after the game’s initial release, EA, the game’s publisher, had plans to launch the next game in the series, Battlefield: Hardline in November of 2014. Many were weary of the potential quality of a new game in the series, after the company’s, and the developer’s, DICE, inability to fix the previous game. When Hardline‘s pre-release Beta test of the game was made available to the public in October it quickly became clear the game was not ready for prime time, as many of the issues that so hurt Battlefield 4 were rearing their ugly head in Hardline. Thus, the game was delayed out of 2014 and into 2015, a smart move that was designed to avoid past mistakes and make the next game in the series’ launch as painless as possible for the consumer.

Changes, they are a’comin to EA’s biggest franchise; Battlefield. 2015’s entry into the series exchanges the world spanning wars of yore, for something a little more local; cops and robbers. Yes, the series that made a name for itself with it’s huge multiplayer battles featuring tanks, jets, boats, and helicopters, is now focused on huge multiplayer battles featuring NOS’d-up street racers, SWAT trucks, and police helicopters. It’s a strange twist for the series, and perhaps even a risky one for new developer to the series Visceral Games, the studio behind the well received Dead Space franchise. By hiring a noted single-player developer like Visceral, it seems EA is looking to reaffirm, and rebuild, the single-player aspect of the Battlefield series. Ever since the stellar Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the series’ mainline releases, both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, have suffered from poor campaigns. Inspired by numerous cop procedurals and perhaps even hit show Breaking Bad, Visceral is looking to make a Battlefield game’s single player storyline a worthwhile experience once again with Hardline. And I think they have a chance to do just that. Visceral is an accomplished developer, one with a better penchant for storytelling than regular developer DICE has had in recent years. Regardless, Battlefield: Hardline is an odd duck in the series, with a new setting, new factions, and a brand new release window for the series in spring.  It’s hard to tell whether or not the game will sell like a mainline Battlefield game, or if it will flop (flop in this case meaning selling less than 10 million copies). Nevertheless, EA is absolutely hoping Hardline will tide gamers over until their Fall 2015 megaton release Star Wars: Battlefront helmed by EA’s go to FPS dev DICE.



 March 24:


Bloodborne – PS4


Who says Sony doesn’t have console exclusives anymore? After Fall 2014’s disappointing lineup (or lack thereof) of PS4 exclusive’s, Sony is going for a knockout with The Order: 1886, and this game, Bloodborne, from Japanese developer From Software in association with Sony’s Japan Studio. Bloodborne is a spiritual successor to both the game Demon’s Souls and the wildly popular Dark Souls series, game’s known for their unflinchingly difficult gameplay, and high required skill level. Both Dark Souls, and Dark Souls II have sold millions of copies, and have found both a deep niche of gamers who enjoy the challenge the games present, and more mainstream penetration through the franchise’s surprising cult Internet popularity. Bloodborne has a fantastic legacy of quality development behind it, and is being directed by the director of both Demon’s Souls, and the first Dark Souls. With the struggles Sony has endured over the past few months due to a distinct lack of games, it is heartening to see the company publish what should be, if many of the “most anticipated” polls floating around the Internet are to be believed, one of the biggest games of 2015, and perhaps the start of a brand new franchise along the lines of Uncharted, or God of War. Of course, the same could be said about Bloodborne‘s sister spring release; The Order: 1886.

Despite taking much of its DNA from its spiritual predecessors, the game features a brand new, and interesting setting, and a distinct change in some of the core gameplay mechanics. Bloodborne is set in a gothic/victorian city as opposed to the medieval setting of past games, and features faster gameplay that will require players to be more aggressive, rather than the Souls series penchant for slow, almost turn based combat. Additionally, the arsenal of weapons available to you will be significantly more interesting than the traditional medieval/fantasy gear of past games, by featuring guns and weapons that can transform into differing states, allowing for two distinct approaches to combat. Overall, Bloodborne could be a huge win for Sony. By scooping up one of the hottest developers in the world with an exclusive game, they have immediately drawn attention and interest towards their platform, and with a brand new Souls-esque game, from the same team, they’ve effectively doubled that excitement. Its no wonder Gameinformer’s readers named Bloodborne as their most anticipated game of 2015.





maxresdefault (1)

As we look towards April, the first signs of the end of the spring season are beginning to appear, the number of high profile releases slows down, and things are starting to settle into preparation for the summer drought. Additionally, a number of games labeled with a spring 2015 release, as of right now, with no set date could find themselves ending up in April or the coming months. However, before we move on to May, there is one major game we need to discuss.


April 14th:


Mortal Kombat X – PS4, XBO, PC

mortal-kombat-x-listing-thumb-us-30may14 (1)

Everybody and their mother’s uncle’s third cousin’s second daughter by their third wife has heard of Mortal Kombat. It is one of the most well known, best selling, and longest running video game franchises ever, with the newest entry in the series marking the 23rd anniversary of the first game’s release all the way back in 1992. The franchise has been the focus of controversy since it’s very inception, not unlike Grand Theft Auto, for it’s over-the-top gory graphics, and brutal “fatalities”. But beneath all that headline grabbing content, lies one of the best fighting game franchises ever, if not the best. The Mortal Kombat franchise has proven over and over again how it should be considered on the same level as Street Fighter, and 2011’s apptly titled Mortal Kombat, developed by NetherRealm Studios, pushed the series forward once again. This will be Warner Bros. Interactive’s second big game of the spring season (Dying Light being the first) and presents the second act of arguably the biggest spring lineup the publisher has ever had, with June’s huge release Batman: Arkham Knight as the final crescendo.

Mortal Kombat X looks to incorporate both what made the 2011 entry in the series so highly regarded, and the best parts of NetherRealm’s 2013 DC Comics brawler Injustice: Gods Among Us. This tenth iteration in the mainline series looks to add new fighting mechanics that change how the game is played. This includes utilizing the interesting environment interactions present in Injustice and working them into this game. Additionally, NetherRealm is implementing a feature that gives each of the game’s fighters differing variations of themselves, leading to the use of different move sets and weapons, and expanding replayability significantly. 2015’s entry into the fable Mortal Kombat universe is shaping up to be one of the series’ finest, hopefully. I try not to get too excited about new games now that we live in a world where just about every major game is broken, or at least ailing, on its release. Hopefully Mortal Kombat X, like all games on this list will buck that trend, and give April a top-tier fighting game people can play for years to come.






May, usually the final-ish month of the spring release season before the summer drought takes hold in June and July. May always seems to feature one more major release before dozens of new games are announced at the yearly E3 industry conference in L.A.. This year is no different, and May 2015 is showcasing what could possibly be a major Game of the Year candidate come December.


May 19th:


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – PS4, XBO, PC


One of the most anticipated titles of the year comes from Polish developer CD Projekt Red; The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The Witcher is known as one of the most mature franchises out there, both in content and storytelling. It’s dark, bloody, and occasionally sexy, and is through and through an adult’s series. But man oh man, what a series it is. While the the first entry in The Witcher universe was regarded as a competent and strong RPG, it was The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which made this a must play franchise for RPG fans the world over. The Witcher 3 looks to be no different than it’s brilliant predecessor, building upon what was accomplished with the last game in the series. The game already has a lot to live up, not only in respect to previous games, but to the awards it has already won. Everything from back-to-back E3 Best-In-Show awards, to topping dozens of “most anticipated” lists, it will be difficult for the game to live up to hype but I have great confidence it’s top tier developer’s talents. If any game can live up to itself, it would most certainly be The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. 

Wild Hunt is dead set on once again pushing the bar of graphical achievement ever higher, to as yet unseen levels, both on PC and the next-gen consoles. A series that has made its mark on the industry with its incredible graphical fidelity has also pointed out the size of Wild Hunt‘s world as being nearly 30 times larger than The Witcher 2The Witcher‘s developer CD Projekt Red is known as an innovator, and is looking, not only to push the whole industry forward in a mad race to catch up with what they can do, but to once again make their country, who loves them so dearly, proud. Hell, Poland gave President Obama a copy of the second game in the series because of how proud they were of what was accomplished by their homegrown dev. Here’s hoping this much anticipated sequel is fantastic enough that Poland wants to gift one to the next President in 2016.






June is weird month. Usually June is a dead time for video game releases, but every once in awhile something huge drops in the first half of the month that has everyone on the edge of their seats melting in anticipation for just that one more game until the Fall. In 2013 that one more game was one of the greatest of all time, The Last of Us, and in 2015 we have what could very well be the greatest superhero game of all time. If it can beat out it’s predecessor that is…


June 2nd:


Batman: Arkham Knight – PS4, XBO, PC


In the games industry there are a few constants; Pokemon will always be fun, Call of Duty will always sell a billion dollars worth of games every year, Grand Theft Auto will always have church groups up in arms, and if they can pull it off this year, Rocksteady Studios always makes the greatest superhero game ever made. That’s quite a potentially incredible achievement, considering how many great developers there are out there who have never made it close to the kind of dominance in their genre that the developers of the Arkham series of Batman games have. It’s a testament to their truly deep understanding of the nature of Batman, and what makes him such an enduringly popular figure both in comics and in everyday life.  Ever since 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum the video game industry truly, finally, had a superhero game worthy of it’s license. Then 2011’s Batman: Arkham City not only was once again the best superhero game ever made, but it is arguably one of the best open-world games ever made as well. Rocksteady Studios knows how to get the best out of the most popular comic book character ever, and is once again dead set on making 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight the absolute best game it can be.

The development of Arkham Knight has not been all roses and fluffy bunnies however. When the game was announced in March of 2014 for an October 2014 release, it was almost immediately delayed until the spring of 2015, where it was once again delayed until June. While the game’s delays bummed some fans of the series, looking back now, and taking into account the numerous high profile failures of late 2014, it seems like Rocksteady and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive made the right move giving the game as much development time as it could possibly get. Featuring a massive open world five times the size of the already large world of Arkham City, and the first playable use of the Batmobile in the series, Arkham Knight looks to be a glorious achievement of game design and storytelling built with all the love and care an all-star dev team in the prime of their talents could possibly give it. I absolutely cannot wait for what inevitably will be a much discussed title come awards season. There is no bigger game this spring, and no better way to end one of the best spring seasons in recent memory, than with Batman: Arkham Knight. To say I’m excited is truly an understatement. Let’s pray that the game leaves a great taste in our mouth over the long months before the Fall season.




Honorable Mentions:

Jan. 20 – Saint’s Row: Gat out of Hell – PS4, PS3, XBO, X360, PC

Feb. 13 – Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – 3DS

Feb. 20 – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – WiiU

Feb. 25 – Homeworld Remastered Collection – PC

Mar. 11 – Ori and the Blind Forest – XBO, PC

Mar. 17 – Project Cars – PS4, XBO, PC

Mar. 20 – Mario Party 10 – WiiU

Mar. 24 – Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – PS4, XBO

Mar. 24 – Grand Theft Auto V – PC

Mar. 26 – Pillars of Eternity – PC

Mar. 31 – MLB 15: The Show – PS4, PS3, PSVita

Apr. – Mighty No. 9 – PS4, PS3, PSVita, XBO, X360, PC

Apr. – Galactic Civilizations III – PC

May – Splatoon – WiiU

June 9 – The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – PS4, XBO